There's Applause In My Heart...

...I blame the amorphous face of the Internet.

My name is Ashley and I enjoy entertaining thoughts of the improbable and illusions of grandeur.

I am easily distracted by shiny objects.

I long for my friends in DC and thought living in London was pretty rad, but Southern California is home for now. Roots, and all.

I find fingerless gloves, hoodies, bear(s), my chucks, and drinking beer out of martini glasses pleasing.

I'm what some might call a Fan Girl. I don't know when this started. So it goes.

Oh, and I'm the Mom. Always have been. At some point, you will find this annoying.

Lets chat.
Email: aagresh [at the gmail]
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*Title, thanks to Peter Holmes & Christopher Hardwick.

Being the new kid is hard…but it’s worth it in the end. Ruts are for the birds, after all. πŸ‘ #Repost via @hellogiggles —- πŸ™Œ

Today is my first day as a Strategist at LMTD.

Today is my first day as a Strategist at LMTD.

Week 1 Day 1. Having a gym in our building is MAJOR. #NPNL

GOOD MORNING! If you guys want to stay connected on ALL the places give @andrewandash a follow! —- View from our balcony. We live in the future. Not fully captured in the photo?! The absolute stunning grandness of it all. #dubai #viewfromtheburj

Yay! #Khaleesi has arrived. We can officially say our little family is home. (at Downtown, Dubai)

16 hour flight?! Yeah. I’m gonna be juuuuuuust fine. #dubaibye #allthethings #needadrinklikewhoa (at Emirates Flight 216 - Los Angeles —> Dubai)

We loved fiercely here and created a family unlike any other. Thanks for helping us create memories, friends. We’re going to miss the hell out of Spaulding Manor, but are so excited for the next chapter. #dubaibye #spauldingmanor #communeliving #fam (at Spaulding Manor)

My friends do funny things sometimes. —- “Chef Drew proving he’s monkey. #dubaibye #spauldingmanor” #Repost via @andrewjrchrds (at Spaulding Manor)

Relevant to my life. #thatinsomnialife #dubaibye —- Proof that bunny yawns are equal parts cute and terrifying. 😬 (at Spaulding Manor)

If it’s good enough for Sally Draper, it’s good enough for me. Thanks for the company, @iamkelleeeee! #lafarewelltour #dubaibye (at Sqirl)

Ain’t no party like a sweatpant party. Thanks for dinner, @iamkelleeeee & @mikeypizzzzzle! #dubaibye #LAFarewellTour (at Castle SquiggsSkull)

COME TAKE OUR STUFF! No seriously. Come over. #Repost via @andrewandash: “our stuff, we’re shipping off in 10 days. TEN DAYS!” (at Spaulding Manor)

Five years ago I met @andrewjrchrds in person for the first time. These were his notes for the week. Who would have thought we - meeting through @tumblr - would end up here?! …Honestly? I did. I thought it. I knew before I knew, you know? Thanks for being so easy to love, Champ. #bear #love #us

Two weeks out and I’m realizing just how tough this is gonna be. We’re so excited, of course, but gosh if I’m not going to miss the hell out of our people. #LAFarewellTour #ByeBye (at Spaulding Manor)

#happybearsday (at The Surly Goat)